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14 Ways to Invest $100,000 with Confidence

A cool $100,000 hits your checking account. Good day. Before you go bananas and buy a Tesla with automatic lane-changing capabilities, please take a deep breath – for my sake. The last thing I want to see you do is to blow all your money on sports cars or bad investments. Ways to invest $100,000

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The Top 23 Self-Employed Jobs (that are actually fun) You Can Start Today

You know what’s great? Having a job that allows you to use your skills, pursue your passions, and make money on your own terms. Whether you’re a dreamer looking to build a career off your skillset or an entrepreneur searching for a new side hustle, a self-employed job can get you to your goals. Part-time,

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20 Ways to Invest $100

You have a crisp, new one-hundred-dollar bill in your wallet. While it’s not $1,000,000, $100,000 or $10,000, hey, at least it’s something! Listen up. Just because you don’t have much money to invest doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest it. Want to know the most difficult part of investing? Starting. Just starting is rather difficult, and once you accomplish that challenge, investing

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Best Low Risk Investments for High Return

With the rising cost of living, it’s imperative that we invest. And, obviously, when we invest our hard-earned dollars, we want to generate high returns while enduring little risk. Possible? Well, to a point. In terms of returns, there are better low-risk investments than others, but it is definitely still true that the higher return

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Best Short-Term Investments For Your Money

I have $65,000 that I need to invest but I want to make more than the bank is offering. Where can I get a high return on a short-term investment with limited risk? In such an unstable market, short term investing may be a safer alternative for investors. Short-term investing allows investors to invest their

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How to Make Money Fast – 107 Ways to Make $100

Everyone needs money in a hurry from time-to-time. While quick cash won’t make you rich, it can help you get out of a bind or pay down debt. To help you get started, I’ve put together an exhaustive and practical list of 107 ways you can make $100 (or more!) fast. With so many ideas included, you

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15 Ways To Invest Small Amounts Of Money (and turn it into a large amount of money)

In 16 Ways to Invest $100 I gave suggestions on how to invest when you have just a few dollars. In this article, I want to take it up a notch, which is to say how can you invest when you have more than a few dollars, but not the thousands that traditional investment vehicles usually require?

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60+ Home Based Business Ideas Easy to Start

You’re probably wondering, “What are some jobs I can do from home?” There’s something alluring about chilling in your comfy pants while in the confines of your own home and getting paid at the same time. Even working close to home, at your own leisure, is better than punching a clock for The Man. No

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Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs with NO College Degree

“You have to attend college to get a good job.” That was a phrase that my father continually beat into my head harder than Lars Ulrich could pound on his bass drum (in case there is a generation gap, Lars is the drummer from the rock band Metallica). Even though on average college graduates do

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