You’re probably wondering, “What are some jobs I can do from home?”

There’s something alluring about chilling in your comfy pants while in the confines of your own home and getting paid at the same time.

Even working close to home, at your own leisure, is better than punching a clock for The Man.

No annoying co-worker to interrupt your day with the company gossip that you couldn’t give a rip about.

No exhausting mandatory meetings that not even a cup of the strongest black coffee can remedy.

It’s self-employment at its finest. But where do you start?

How about right here.

67 Excellent Home-Based Business Ideas:

  • Become an Uber driver — varies by city
  • Online surveys — $30-$100/mo per website
  • Graphic Design — $45,000/yr
  • Bookkeeping — $34,000/yr
  • Inspect Homes — $52,000/yr
  • Massage Therapist — $34,900/yr
  • Tax Preparation — $30,900/yr
  • Doula — $500-$1000/birth
  • Hair Stylist — $22,500/yr
  • Interior Designer — $46,280/yr
  • Meeting the remote needs of companies
  • Make your hobbies pay
  • Lend a hand
  • Digital/tech opportunities

Whether you are looking to quit the daily grind or trying to make extra cash as a way to get out of debt, starting a home business or side hustle can be the ideal way to meet your goals.

There are countless home based business opportunities just waiting for you to begin.

Before you get excited about starting your home based business idea, you first have to make sure you have the right tools in place.

The main tool is a speedy Internet connection. Most home-based businesses will require some sort of Internet connection. With a good Internet connection, you can also take care of a phone and fax.

Isn’t technology great?

On top of the right tools, you should also have a dedicated office or workspace that’s free from distractions.

Now that you have the right tools and work-space, let’s look at some of the top home based business ideas you can start today.

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67 Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Now that we’ve got those details out of the way, here are 67 of the best home-based businesses almost anyone could start from their kitchen table.

1. Drive with Uber

Becoming an Uber driver has quickly become a great way for people to get their own business off the ground.

You will need to pass a background check and have a valid in-state driver’s license and auto insurance.

The process is pretty painless and will get you rolling on your own business. Many people start as an Uber driver to pay the bills while they work on another business that they are more passionate about.

Check out our post to learn more about Uber driver requirements.

Driving with Uber is one of the best home-based business ideas you can pursue.

2. Take Surveys and More

A great online business idea if you are looking for quick extra cash is signing up for sites like MySurvey can get you a nice side income with immediate results.

This business idea may not be the most lucrative, but it’s a great opportunity to make money easily from home.

You won’t get rich doing surveys, but each site could net you anywhere from $30 to $100 per month.

Some other popular survey sites  and programs that pay you for quick everyday tasks online include:

  • InboxDollars
  • Swagbucks
  • EarningStation
  • Mypoints
  • Global Test Market
  • Harris Poll

3. Graphic Design

Businesses always need graphic designers to help them convey information visually, through logos, advertisements, posters, websites, and the like.  While it is possible to be an entirely self-taught graphic designer, most have either a certification or a degree.

Other than the cost of design software, this business has very little overhead and can be done anywhere with a dedicated computer.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers have a median salary of $45,000.*

If you have the type of graphic design skills businesses need and you have the resources to buy the software you need to get started, this might be the home-based business idea for you.

*All median salaries listed are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics unless otherwise noted.

4. Bookkeeping

This is a perfect business idea for trained accountants who would like to work from home, although it is not necessary to be a Certified Public Accountant in order to become a freelance bookkeeper—it’s just necessary to have the background knowledge that bookkeeping courses at any community college can offer.

This kind of freelance work is especially helpful for small businesses that do not need or cannot afford a fulltime bookkeeper, making it possible for you to have full time work through several smaller clients.

Median salary: $34,000.

5. Home Inspection

This is one business idea you may not have considered, but it’s a vital role that new homeowners everywhere depend upon.

An important part of the home buying process is having a professional home inspector go through the house to determine the condition of the building and point out any potential problems.

A home inspector needs to meet the state regulations for the profession, which varies from state to state, although anyone who has worked in the construction or housing industry will have a leg up.

Median salary: $52,000.

6. Massage Therapist

While licensing requirements for massage therapy can vary from state to state, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork can help any budding masseuse fulfill their local requirements.

Massage therapists can either work out of their own home or make house calls with a portable massage table. Median salary: $34,900.

7. Tax Preparation

No one likes doing taxes, and they need to be paid whether the economy is booming or tanking. This is why at-home tax preparation can be a great business for anyone with a tax background, or anyone willing to take training courses.

Since there are annual changes to the tax code, you will need to refresh your training each year, and you will also need to register with the IRS as a tax preparer.

This is more of a seasonal business idea than it is a year-round endeavor, but it can be a great way to earn some extra income each winter/spring. Median salary: $30,900.

8. Doula

A doula is a labor coach that can help a birthing mother in any labor environment, from a hospital to a midwife clinic to home.

Doulas are non-medical professionals who offer information, emotional support, and physical assistance in the process of giving birth.

While licensing for doulas is not required by most states, getting certified by DONA International, the only certifying body for this profession, is a good idea.

Doulas do have to deal with unpredictable schedules, but they easily can do this work from home.

Doulas generally charge between $500 and $1000 per birth.

9. Hairstylist

If you have experience cutting hair and giving manicures, opening up shop from your home is an excellent way to start your own salon.

Make sure that you follow all of your state’s requirements for doing salon care in a home, as they can be stringent.

Median salary: $22,500.

10. Interior Designer

While you do not need a degree or certification in order to set out an interior designer shingle, it is really necessary in order to make sure you can meet the needs of many clients.

An education in the history and theory of design will allow you to understand trends that you may not like, but your clients do.

Median salary: $46,280.

Business Ideas Where You Can Work Remote

Many small businesses have gaps in what their employees can take care of.

Hiring a full-time employee to fill in those gaps isn’t necessarily feasible, which is where your work-at-home business comes into play.

Here are some work-at-home ideas that every business needs:

11. Copywriting

These writers put together promotional materials for businesses, including ads, websites, newsletters, commercials, direct mailings, and many others.

Copywriters generally have a degree in advertising, marketing, English, or communication, but an excellent writer can do a great job copywriting.

Median salary: $55,000.

12. Virtual Assistant

This is a worker who handles any number of small tasks for a business or individual.

Tasks include answering emails, data entry, scheduling, managing blogs, and even shopping. Anyone can become a virtual assistant.

According to, the average salary for virtual assistants is $42,000.

13. Courier Service

If you live in a bustling area, chances are local businesses could use a local courier service.

Unlike the big name services, you can offer more flexible pick-up and drop off times, which can be a godsend to many small businesses.

According to, half of the couriers earn in the $17,000 to $27,000 range.

14. Marketing Consultant

Whether you are helping a business with traditional marketing materials or instructing them on the fine art of blogging (ahem) and social media, this is a business that has almost unlimited potential for freelancers.

Median salary: $108,000 (!).

15. Editing

Like copywriting, this is a freelancing gig where it’s helpful to have a background in English or communications—but any eagle-eyed writer could do a great job.

Median salary: $51,470.

16. Web Design

Helping clients design the best website for their needs is a great way to make a living from home. lists the median salary as of 2008 at $65,270.

17. Translation

If you know a second (or third) language, you can make a living at home translating documents.

It’s a global marketplace, and even the best translation software can’t understand linguistic nuance. Median salary: $43,300.

18. Video Production

Everyone wants a piece of YouTube, so talented freelancers can make a great living by producing videos for companies and organizations. Rates vary by area, equipment, and background.

19. Internet Security Consulting

If you’re tech-savvy and understand the ins and outs of internet security, consider becoming a consultant for small businesses.

Unlike the big boys, these companies can’t afford the huge security budgets, but they still want to be able to protect their internet customers.

20. Green Consulting

Many smaller companies would like to find ways to make their processes greener without spending more green.

You can help them to figure out ways to improve their carbon footprint without sacrificing the bottom line.

21. Grant Writing

Non-profits, universities, hospitals and other community organizations all have a great need for grant money to supplement their budgets, but grants are notoriously tricky to write for the first time.

If you have experience writing grants or are willing to learn how to do it by practicing your skills without pay for a few non-profits, you can start a lucrative freelance grant writing business.

According to eHow, grant writers can make anywhere from $40, 300 to $67,000.

22. Medical Transcription

You hear about these opportunities, and they often sound like scams.

But the truth is that the medical industry has a great need for individuals to transcribe audio dictations into coherent reports. Transcriptionists do need education—generally a two-year degree—to make sure they are clear on the arcane medical terminology.

Median salary: $32,900.

23. Debt Collection

It takes a very thick skin to go into this business, but debt collectors only need a telephone and a computer to work, making it a great work-at-home business. It’s also a recession-proof (or even recession-loving) business.

Licensing requirements vary from state to state, so make sure you do your homework before setting up shop.

Median salary: $31,300.

24. Call Center Representative

Believe it or not, it is possible to actually reach a woman named Peggy (and not a man with a Russian accent) when you call customer service.

That’s because of the homeshore movement, which is trying to hire more independent contractors to work from home on customer service issues.

If you’ve got a phone line and an internet connection, you can work from home as a call center rep.

Median salary: $30,460.

Home-Based Business Ideas that Make Your Hobbies Pay

Anything you love to do for fun could also become a great at-home gig.

25. Blogging

It takes some time to grow an audience and find ways to monetize your blog, but if you love to share your point of view with the world, you can make money blogging and work from home.

Niche blogs are a particular area of growth in this ever-growing profession. Pay can vary widely, but the income potential is nearly limitless.

With a hosting platform like Bluehost, you could have your site up and running in no time.

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26. E-book author

Publishing is dead; long live the e-reader!

Now that anyone can have their work e-published, it is possible for anyone to make a fortune off their writing.

The biggest recent example is the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, but there are many authors taking advantage of the ease of e-publishing.

If you love to write and are willing to do your own promotion (and having a blog can really help in that case), writing an e-book is an excellent way to make money fast from home.

27. Building furniture

Everyone loves a well-built and handmade piece of furniture. If you’re already spending time in your workshop, why not sell your wares?

Etsy is an excellent place to start selling without having to have a physical storefront.

28. Sewing

Whether you’re making onesies and quilts for sale online or at local markets or doing repairs and alterations for locals with ill-fitting clothes, your sewing machine could be your ticket to a work-from-home business.

29. Personal Organizer

If you’re someone who reorganizes closets for fun, offer up your services to harried and disorganized individuals and businesses.

30. Home Staging

If rearranging furniture is your idea of fun, home staging is a great home-based business.

You will help sellers get their homes looking beautiful so they sell as quickly as possible.

31. Herb Farming

Gardening can be very relaxing, and potentially very lucrative.

With both the increased interest in alternative therapies and the demand for locally grown and organic foods, an herb farmer can find plenty of customers, particularly if you’re in an urban area.

While this does require some space for growing, herbs are fairly small and nearly any home can be slightly modified to allow for an extensive herb garden.

32. Electronic Repairs

If you’re the sort who takes apart the computer for fun, operating an electronics repair shop out of your home is a natural decision.

In particular, repairing iPads and other tablets would provide you with a great deal of business, as many tablet users are looking for a less expensive way to fix smashed screens and other damages that can be costly through the manufacturer.

Median salary: $49,170.

33. Baking

Beautifully decorated cakes and cookies, artisan bread, and artful pastries have become all the rage, partially thanks to shows like Ace of Cakes.

Median salary for bakers: $23,450.

34. Personal Chef

As a personal chef, you would spend your time whipping up delicious meals for those who don’t have time to cook but do have money to burn.

The best way to make a name for yourself as a personal chef is to offer meals that fit stringent dietary or allergy requirements.

35. Mystery Shopping

For many people, the idea of getting paid to shop is a dream come true.

There are many mystery shopping scams to beware of, however. Never accept a gig that requires an upfront fee—that’s a good sign it’s not legit.

According to the website Scambusters, legitimate mystery shopping can pay anywhere from $8 per job up to $50 to $100 per job.

36. Bargain Hunting

If you love a bargain and know how to make coupons, specials, and unadvertised deals your penny-pinching pitch, then you could help others learn how to save money—and turn a profit.

The Grocery Game’s Teri Gault is the most famous at-home bargain hunter turned millionaire, but you could be next with some concerted thrifty efforts.

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37. Personal Stylist.

You have an eye for clothes and know what styles look best on what body types. So turn your passion for fashion into a business by becoming a personal stylist/shopper.

You’ll feel good about making others look great.

38. Catering

If you love to cook on a grand scale, why not start a catering business out of your home?

How much you make depends on the scale of the assignments you take, and your ability to correctly decide how much your materials will cost.

But this is also an industry where you can start small and work your way up to bigger gigs—and profits.

39. App Designer

Creating a profitable app for smartphones isn’t necessarily about having the best or most innovative idea: it’s about creating the best user experience for that idea.

That’s how app designers are able to make their work-from-home a full-time job—and then just live off the passive income.

40. Furniture Refinishing and Repair

You might have made a hobby of refinishing and repairing garage sale finds. Now, make your skills profitable by offering to make old furniture as good as new. After all, retro is definitely in.

41. Landscape Design

If you’re never happier than when you are landscaping your yard, landscape design might be the home-based business for you.

This is a relatively new field, so you can get some background knowledge through a degree, although schools that offer these degrees are somewhat rare, or you can intern with another landscape designer.

42. Tour Guide

You may love exploring all the fun corners of your hometown, but it might not occur to you to make that hobby a business.

This is an especially good idea if you can offer themed tours or other niche tours.

Median salary: $23,620.

Home Business Opportunities that Provide Necessary Services

Everyone needs a hand sometimes. Here are ways you can lend one and make a living.

43. At-Home Daycare

This is an especially good idea for stay-at-home-parents who need to bring in some money.

You’re already staying home with your kids: why not invite a few others to the party? Licensing for in-home daycare varies from state to state, but you will want to make sure you comply with your local regulations. Median salary: $19,300.

44. Off-Hours Daycare

Though this is basically the same as above, it does deserve its own description. Finding someone to regularly watch children during off-hours, like second shift, weekends, or very early mornings, can be extremely difficult for parents.

Offering care during off-peak hours means that you can command a higher fee.

45. Elder Care.

In most cases, work-from-home elder care workers will make daily house calls to their patients to help with anything from meal preparation to self-care to minor home repairs.

The median pay for elder care work is $20,170. If you have a heart for serving the elderly, you could build a lucrative career out of it. You can market your services by word of mouth, social media, and using listing sites like

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46. Lawn Care

While once the province of teenagers, lawn mowing, gardening, raking, and snow removal can be a legitimately grown up home-based business.

47. Dog Walker

This job isn’t just for New Yorkers anymore.

Any large community can use dog walkers to help the area Fidos and Rovers make it through the master’s long workday.

48. Pet Sitter

If you can find pet owners who are willing to bring their dogs and cats to you, this is truly a home-based business. Otherwise, you’ll need to be willing to live at other houses (or at least visit 3-4 times a day) while you’re working.

49. Pet Grooming

Most pet owners don’t quite have the stomach or the time to clip nails, bathe, or give haircuts to their animals. With a couple of small tweaks to a bathroom, basement, or laundry room, you could have a full-service doggy salon in your home.

Again, it’s important to double-check your local requirements for this.

50. Travel Planning

While anyone can check an aggregator site for the best price to fly to Saint Louis, planning a more elaborate trip might be too much for some travelers.

This is where a travel planner comes in, using his skills to find the best trip—including flight, accommodation, rental car, and tours—for the budget.

51. Meal Planning

One of the best ways to keep a grocery budget—and a waistline—in check is to do meal planning.

But for some, this kind of planning is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. A meal planner could put together a list of a week’s recipes, along with a grocery list, for a harried but budget-conscious shopper.

52. Resume Writing

If you have a knack for making a resume shine, you could offer your services to job seekers.

53. Party Planning

From weddings to birthday parties to corporate events to conferences, the details of putting on a huge bash can be beyond the average party-giver. That’s why they’ll turn all the planning over to you. Median salary: $45,260.

54. Child Proofing

Keeping our kids safe is so important, but the details of how to do so can be confusing.

A professional childproofing business is inexpensive to start up, but there may be state regulations to follow. It’s also a good idea to apprentice with a child proofer in order to learn the business.

55. Digital Media Conversion

It’s time-consuming to convert old-school media like CDs into digital files.

If you have excellent tech skills, this is a service you can offer to the tech-phobic and time-crunched alike.

56. Tutoring

A background in education is helpful for tutoring, but not necessary.

All you really need are mad skills in one or more academic area, and you can help local students do better in their classes.

57. Patient Advocacy

With the byzantine complexity of modern medical billing practices, there is a definite need for patient advocates.

These individuals take the time to track down hospital billing paperwork and potentially argue with insurance companies.

Considering the fact that many of those who need to hire advocates are either ailing or grieving, this is a very necessary service.

58. Personal Trainer

You love to work out and you know the ins and outs of nutrition and exercise.

Share your passion with novice exercisers, either out of your home or through a local gym. Median salary: $31,090.

59. Junk Removal

Anyone who has ever had the unenviable task of cleaning up a house for sale after the death of the owner knows just how important this job is.

Junk removal can be as simple as hauling away unwanted stuff to the dump, or it can be as complicated as separating out the trash from the treasures and handling the actual sale of the goods.

60. Appraiser

We all love the moment in Antiques Roadshow when the owner learns how much their heirloom is worth.

Becoming an antique appraiser will allow you to live that moment every day. This does require a background education in the subject and access to an excellent reference library.

61. Music Teacher

Teaching piano (or guitar or violin or singing) lessons out of your house is a well-established way for stay-at-home spouses to make a little extra cash. If Lois Griffin can do it, so can any musically minded entrepreneur.

62. House cleaner

With very low overhead and a skill set that is very easy to learn, housecleaning is one of the easiest businesses to start.

Depending on how much you want to grow, the income potential is pretty limitless.

Self-employed Business Opportunities That Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago

As technology develops, so do entrepreneurial opportunities. Here are some work-at-home jobs that our parents would never have anticipated:

63. Online Store

It used to be that if you had a product to sell, you also had to have a storefront and all the costs associated with it. These days, you can sell anything to anyone anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re marketing the organic honey from your backyard apiary or selling personalized linens that you embroider yourself, you can find a market for your products online.

My good buddy Steve Chou from has created an online course that walks people step-by-step through building their own online store. His wife was able to quit her job, and together their online business produces in the six figures.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out his course: Profitable Online Store.

64. eBay Sales

Another online business idea is to simply become the eBay middleman.

Millions of vendors sell their wares on the online auction house. If you can find an inexpensive source for (legally!) saleable merchandise, you can get into the business.

65. Micro Jobs

With the advent of Fiverr, we saw a brand new way to assign and accept work: little jobs for small payouts.

But it’s no party trick. Apps like Gigwalk and sites like Mechanical Turk make it possible to cobble together a living with lots of little assignment each day.

66. Internet Marketing Affiliate

If you already have your own website or blog, you can earn money by becoming an affiliate.

You can either sell products directly and earn money that way, or you can sign up others as affiliates, much like multi-level marketing.

67. Get Paid for Social Media

Some Twitter users are able to leverage their huge following into a paid gig for advertisers.

Prolific bloggers have been known to get paid for commenting on other blogs. If you are a social media expert, you can use that expertise to earn money.

People want to reach your audience and are willing to pay you for it.

Bonus! Start Selling on Amazon

Have a great idea or access to products that you can buy wholesale and resell for a profit?

You can sell those products on Amazon or, if you are wanting to do crafts, Etsy is a great option.

Home Based Businesses Opportunities (Requiring Training)

All of these ideas require some background in the area, but they are an ideal way to use your already-acquired skills in a work-from-home business.

And even if you do not already have the necessary training, there is nothing keeping you from getting certified in order to start your home-based business.

If you do not currently have enough money to get the certification you need I would recommend saving a little each month until you have enough to pay cash.

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The Bottom Line on Being Self-Employed and Working from Home

If daily commutes, coworkers, and cubicles don’t suit your fancy, why not try one of the home business ideas on the list?

When you work from home, you can call the shots, set your standards, and pursue your professional passions at your own speed.

Home business opportunities are plentiful, opening the door for you to do what you love surrounded by all the comforts of home.

Self-employment is a beautiful thing, and with some disciplined and dedicated steps, you can start a thriving home business.